Monday, July 26, 2010

We are revealed to trusted Earthers...

There have been so many heated discussions about where and when we are to come out to our Earth sistren, and now it is a moot point. Contact has been made with the newest group of Junior Security Agents in Geneseo, NY.

What a curious and accepting group I met today! They obviously have a high sense of adventure and have a strong desire to come to MotherShip and meet so many of you. I understand your nervous anticipation, but please, when the Ambassadorship is chose, welcome them. I have explained how we are hesitant to touch since our immune systems have not yet acclimated to our new environment. There was an initial reaction when I used our sanitation as protection, but when I explained, they were very understanding.

I was told a story of avatars today. They told me that the humans have created blue-bodied surrogates which they can control with their thoughts. I was astonished at this level of technology and am worried that they may see us as possible bodies to use for their advantage. I was assured by this Red Group that it would not happen, but please be aware of this and remain on guard!

We must be conscious about explaining to them that we are not all alike; there are as many differences between us as there are among themselves, but for now, they see us all as One Body. I am concerned, as they seem to believe that I, as Uva'Na, represent all Etans and we are only one small group, and one that is not accepted fully by all Etans. Please know that I have emphasized that not all are like me. They were eager to learn our language, so it is possible that some may even come to know and care for our people and culture.

The word I shared today with then is that of friend: N'gyan.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

First contact with future Peacekeepers

Sisters! I must say that I have mixed feelings after my first meeting with the Peacekeepers in training. They have not yet finished their initial security clearance, so they do not yet know who amongst their interviews are with Etans.

It was difficult, even after all the years of training on MotherShip, to not give all the exact details of my personal struggle that brings me and Mater Clan to this blue planet. I had my cover story of being from Estonia and used its history of strife to cover my own people's experience. It helps that the political and religious conflicts that happen here are so much like our own so we at least do not need to explain it to them.

However, they didn't seem terribly concerned with the story of being forced from our (Grez'nyn forest) home and cast adrift to only a hoped-for new homeland. They were very concerned with my parents and my relationship with them, and I found this comforting. I believe they understand that it can be difficult with different generations and their expectations.

I have a spark of hope that we may be able to befriend them and bring our skills and knowledge to join with theirs. In Peace.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Work may be harder to find...

It is deeply troublesome how the immigration situation is playing out in the North America. While the United Farm workers are having small success in proving how American citizens want nothing to do with the work they need to do, we need to wait for a decision in the courts regarding Arizona's repulsive law. It turns out that Arizona isn't the only state that limits employment, law enforcement, education, benefits and healthcare.

Let's hope that Redl'oh Cire and Am'abo are successful in launching their offense against the campaign against so-called "aliens".

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Uplinks to the Mother Ship

I know the moon is causing a lot of interference, but I've found some workarounds for connecting to the mainframe from the primitive computers found here on earth. If anyone wants a copy of the documentation, feel free to shoot me an email.

Ethnic profiling in the US--not promising for treatment of Etans

I've been looking at the news stories about some of Arizona's immigration laws and really hope they don't catch on in Rochester, NY. It really worries me that ethnic profiling goes on among earth-born humans. If they do this to EACH OTHER, what might they be capable of doing when the rest of the Etans on the colony ship arrive?

But let us not loose hope before the rest of us even get here.
I know if we do this reasonably, show that we mean no harm, and can offer vast technological advances to Earth-born humans, we can integrate peacefully into earth society. And if we cannot integrate peacefully, well, we are technologically superior and could use force...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Is Marriage the Answer?

The long history of the Etan Voyage and Return is known to all of our folk, handed down in stories, told by the SeanchaĆ­ through generations. We know that Earth, our homeland, has gone through many changes since the Great Exodus, when our paradise was made uninhabitable. Those we left behind have forgotten our history and now their descendants will believe us to be invaders.

Our scouting parties have worked diligently, remaining hidden within several cultures and taking on Earth personas. Many have reported being happy in these communities and some have even desired to marry into the local populations. Of course, with so much still at risk and the Mothership not yet known to the planet, intermarriage has not been allowed. Only a very few Earthers are yet aware of our presence, and only under the strictest confidence, but the debate has arisen: Should we allow the Earthers to intermarry with Etans? Will this bring strength to our relations or place us in greater danger? Please read this story before responding.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Update on scouting

Our scout leader, known on earth as "Wes Kennison," is off on yet another foray to new landing possibilities for his fellow Etans.

Soon we will have an update on the viability of an unobtrusive entry to the Earth landmass from Central America. Hopefully we will be able to contact him in the wild jungle and receive his report in order to make a final decision whether to begin offloading the Mothership there, near the Great Fresh Lakes, or if a sea landing is necessary.

Send your Uva'Ni blessings to him in hopes for a positive outcome.